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30-Day Rental Program

Value Audiology & Hearing Aid Center invites you to experience and enjoy hearing better with our exclusive and unique Journey to Better Hearing No Money Down, 30-Day Rental* program. 

Our process is a very different process than what is typically offered by all other competitors.

The process begins with a FREE hearing evaluation** performed by our friendly, highly qualified, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispensing staff. It's your choice. You choose what works best for you and your pocketbook. 

We will recommend a wide selection of hearing devices that will allow you to enjoy all your daily and family activities. Keeping in mind all the situations that you encounter daily. No high-pressure selling, it's your decision. Select the hearing devices to rent.

This unique program allows you to use the hearing devices for 30-days, no money down* in the comfort of your own home experiencing all your daily activities including many different environments. This ensures that you made the right CHOICE with your chosen hearing devices. However, after the 30-days, if the hearing devices were not the right choice, then either choose again, or return them. It's your choice.

During your 30-day Rental, our well trained friendly staff will assist you through adjusting to your new and improved hearing through our computerized software program called 'LACE' which helps the brain adjust to the new hearing level with the new hearing devices. This will allow the Hearing Instrument Specialist to chart your progress and specifically personalize the hearing devices by adjusting them to your specific hearing needs that you encounter daily.

Value Audiology & Hearing Aid Center is committed to improving the quality of your life. Relax and experience the difference of hearing clearly again. 

*A Damage/Lost Protection will be available for purchase at the initial appointment for the rental, for $75 per aid per 30 days. Damage/Lost Protection is non-refundable and non-transferable. If the Rental is Damaged or Lost, the deductible is $600 per unit. If the Damage/Lost Protection is waived by the client, then the client will be financial responsible to reimburse Value Audiology & Hearing Aid Center for the Full Cost of the hearing devices. The Rental program for Same-Day Fit Hearing Devices is the Latest Unitron Flex Models. Other Hearing Devices Rentals are available on Special Request. Value Audiology & Hearing Aid Center employees reserves the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone. See Store for Details.

**All hearing tests and evaluations are specifically performed to determine if there is any hearing loss and/or if there is any need that can be helped with hearing devices.